Introduction to Holofractal.net by Billy Carson

In this blog I explore the various philosophical, spiritual and theoretical implications of a holofractographic worldview, with a focus on its relation to consciousness, biology, mysticism, physics and cosmology. Combined, these topics may be ascribed to the field of Cosmometry – the art of measuring the universe. Cosmometry is the study of the geometry of nature, and of the basic processes, patterns, structures and principles that dictate all creation.

Introduction from Holofractal.net

Nature’s guiding principle

The fractal-holographic universe is a geometric understanding of reality and thus represents a divergence from the assumption of a universe composed of subatomic particles towards a recognition of nature’s underlying patterns. Both the inner and the outer world can thus be described as pattern-based systems through geometric shape, proportion or principle.

Geometry is the purest expression of mathematics and it communicates to both our emotional and logical mind – our right and left brain hemispheres. In this sense, geometry is an effective tool that allows us to comprehend both intellectually and emotionally the deeper universal principles fundamental to reality and our communion with Nature. Simultaneously, geometry is a concrete, mathematical way to formulate functional physics applicable through all forms of science and technology.

A basic premise in our explorations is that reality is a fractal-holographic phenomenon that arises in the synergetic interplay between dynamical and absolute energy. As such, dynamical energy is equivalent to conventional physics and consciousness – our familiar everyday reality including everything between heaven and earth. Absolute energy however is pure potential, perfect balance, unbounded existence and appertains to metaphysics – a transdimensional reality beyond space and time. Through a fractal-holographic model we describe the synergetic interactions between these and how cosmological and existential principles results in a continuous creation-process at all levels of being. This blog covers all of these aspects of nature and how they together conduct the cosmic symphony!

The Elements of a Fractal-Holographic Universe

What does “fractal-holographic” mean?

The romanesco cauliflower exhibits a distinct fractal geometry

Fractal simply means that the same basic pattern is repeated on all scales. Fractals are commonplace in nature and they’re particularly visible in organic growth and crystalline forms. Here’s an example:

Holographic means that the whole is represented within all points within a certain system. In a holographic photography information about the whole object is stored at every point of the holographic plate by means of light-based intereference patterns. Several emerging models of contemporary cosmology attempts to describe our universe holographically. This animation depicts a three-dimensional figure stored in a two-dimensional surface:

A holographic plate contains the totality of the picture in every point.

Consciousness – Energy – Information

It wasn’t until the advent of quantum mechanics and Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty that we began to consider consciousness and energy as mutually intertwined. Currently there’s an increasing recognition across the sciences of the need to define the phenomena of consciousness within the framework of an astrophysical model; the observer plays an integral point of reference for any theory seeking to formulate meaningful physics. For the planet’s many wisdom traditions, however, this has been a basic premise for thousands of years; consciousness and energy as one. We’ll explore this field in more detail by analyzing the various principles fundamental to both energy and consciousness in their various forms. For all intents and purposes, within this blog, the two are regarded as synonyms – yet we distinguish between two different aspects of consciousness/energy; in its absolute and dynamical form. From the holographic perspective we may also understand both energy and consciousness as information. In its most elemental design reality can be considered as abstract information and from this perspective the human form and consciousness can be understood as boundlessly intertwined with space-time itself.

Man is a pattern in space-time rather than a separate particle.

Dynamic Energy

Dynamic energy equals the reality of our everyday life, we have a physical body and a life in this world. Everything we sense, think and feel is fluidly dynamic energy and this energy is perpetually in a state of expansion or contraction – on the way to or away from a point of stillness and balance. We can understand the geometry of this flow as a torus wherein information is circulated and recycled, absorbed and radiated in a continuous feed-back loop. In a fractal holographic universe this self-reflective dynamic is the foundation of all information processing, perception and conscious experience, and thus the premise of all forms of systemic evolution. The torus is visible in all independently organized energy systems in the universe, from atoms to galaxies to humans and represent energy in its dynamic aspect.

The Toroidal Universe

“The self in a toroidal Universe can be both separate and connected with everything else.” – Arthur M. Young

The torus is unique in the sense that:
– It’s centered by a point of stillness (singularity)
– It has a vertical axis of rotation at its center
– It receives and transmits energy while
– Is itself recyclable and self-powered and made of the same medium that acts in
– It distributes and share energy through themselves and their surroundings
– It exists both as an independent entity and as an integrated part of a larger whole

Absolute Energy

Fundamental to all matter and conscious experience is a unified field of absolute energy. In astrophysics this field is called the vacuum, the zero-point field or simply the singularity. Mathematical calculations indicate that it possesses an inexhaustible energy potential. We may understand the singularity in a metaphysical sense as Infinity itself in a state of total balance or as undifferentiated consciousness. Although metaphysical in concept it nonetheless makes itself apparent as the guiding principle behind all tangible form. The zero-point field rests in a state of complete equilibrium and may possess enormous energy-density without making itself visible though thermal radiation or distortion of space-time. Even though it’s everywhere it remains invisible to us, much like water to the fish in the ocean. We may understand this equilibrium geometrically as the “Vector Equilibrium” – a stable geometry of omnidirectional balance. The Vector Equilibrium, or cubeoctahedron, is the only geometric shape that exhibits perfect structural balance through identical vector and angular relationships. In this flawless equilibrium all gravity, radiation, temperature, pressure, thoughts, feelings cancels out leaving behind stillness and a perfect vacuum – pure metaphysical potential.

“The vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for all happenings or nonhappenings, it is the empty theater and circus empty and empty Universe, ready to accommodate any act and any audience” – Buckminster Fuller

Field Geometry

The interplay between energy in its absolute and dynamical form is the foundation of the Cosmic Symphony; all principles of creation arises in this meeting. These principles can again be understood geometrically as Phi spirals, golden proportions, fractals and holographic interference pattern. Based on these ideals Nature creates optimal economic efficiency of energy distribution, dynamical flow, organization, individuation and natural scaling of the infinite vacuum energy, resulting in the myriad of forms we see all around us. We’ll explore all of these aspects in detail elsewhere in this blog.

The seeds of a sunflower grows in a double phi-spiral. This same pattern is also apparent in the field geometry of space-time

Synergy and Resonance

Synergy is the mutual interaction between multiple elements in a system that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual parts. Resonance is the ability of interacting systems to influence and reinforce each other’s natural frequency through their synchronised vibration and impulse.

We’ve now been introduced to the following three synergistic components of the fractal-holographic universe:

  • Torus dynamics – the primary form of energy in motion (swirls, spirals, vortex)
  • Vector matrix – underlying geometric vacuum structure and patterns based on perfect symmetry (vector equilibrium, cubeoctahedrons, isotropic metric, crystalline forms)
  • Field Geometry – wave interactions, resonance and holographic interference patterns created through the interaction of the vector matrix and toroidal dynamics (imagine overlapping rings in water)

Although we can differentiate these components as unique, independently arising forms, they are nevertheless aspects of a single, unified whole. Below are the geometric principles of the fractal-holographic model illustrated in its most idealized and balanced form. This form is fundamental to how absolute energy unfolds into defined shape and three-dimensional space: it is both a symbol and a concrete depiction of infinity in balance and of astrophysical principles fundamental to our universe.


The Cosmometry Project
The Cosmometry Project is an initiative of Marshall Lefferts and its overall vision is to bring together the various aspects of cosmic geometry to an overall whole that supports our understanding and application of this knowledge. Many of the core ideas in this page originates from his work. Visit the site for more exciting information about basic cosmometric principles.

The Resonance Project
The Resonance Project, based in Hawaii, is an organization founded by Nassim Haramein and serves as a center for education and scientific research on unified field physics (Unified Field Theory) and cosmometry. Harameins work on the Holofractograhpic Universe is our main frame of reference within this blog.

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