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A New Physics that Explains the Soul

A New Physics that Explains the Soul

Experiencing the Soul

Our experience of seeing, remembering and visualizing all hinge on the ability of the mind to place our awareness at the center of a spherical reality that converts incoming sensory information from our eyes, memory and imagination into a manipulable visual construct.

The visual aspect of our being is a only a part of total sensory input, but pivotal to understanding how we survive death and return again and again to complete our goals for living. We call it the soul, and it has two important qualities that seem very different during analysis. First there is the ability to contain the experience of living and review it, whether it is a moment later or many lifetimes in the past. Second and most important is that we remain at the center of the experience at all times, somehow we are able to observe those experiences regardless of the events that created them.

Clearly our memories are not who we are, only the record that tells where we have been and what we have done. Who is it that does the observing? How does it work that this capability remains constant throughout our experience of being conscious?

Today’s scientific tool kit depends on the ideas of Quantum Physics in order to deal with much of the evidence gathered by researchers, but those tools leave us stranded without answers for so many questions that no-one  seems to be able to present the sort of working hypothesis that gains easy acceptance. None of the proposals to understand the hard problem of consciousness really nails it.

When we have a mathematical tool that enables us to make sense of the brain and nervous system, the existence and nature of the Soul becomes obvious. This new tool must be able to subsume existing physics, able to explain them in its own context.

Descriptive math tools rely on equations that model atomic structures by their motion when accelerated by impacts or deflected by various fields. Motion is the key to understanding most physics and statistical modeling of experimental results accounts for most of the other types of descriptive math.

These systems rely on materiality for all of the effects accounted for in their models.

So how can we model what came before matter?

Rather that explain old models we will discuss a new model that works. The idea that the creation began at a single point in time with an Event, similar to the Big Bang, can be assumed to be the insertion of energy into a vast Void where it defined itself and began interacting with its defined parts.

A math to describe this process must be able to explain the creation of SpaceTime, matter, light, black holes and consciousness as the result of the same rules that originated SpaceTime. Examining what is reported to exist at the edge of Black Holes leads us to work with the idea of Event Horizons, the supposed ring around them where matter is beyond escape.

This energy level is the basis of the new model, for it is logically assumed that what can exist at the edge of the Void must be limited to only  one value, after all where would multiple expressions originate?

The mathematical assumption is that the primeval conditions require that the Black Hole be treated as a Zero and its effect within an energetic disturbance in the Void as a One.

The existence of a Void point, or black hole is described using just one measure to define its length and position around the Void Point, creating a tetrahedral structure with four equidistant legs of the same length. This is the sole expression upon which the new model depends.

Using this tetrahedral unit we can describe the quantum foam that permeates the value region at the smallest expression in SpaceTime. More than that we can define a stable cluster of these units which would exist as the result of their pulsation, a twenty unit cluster composed entirely of Event Horizon values able to measure the space around them and reduce it toward its combined center.

This is the SCIET  (Single Cycle Integrative Effect Topology)

Like the primeval Quantum Foam, the SCIET disappears into itself in a quantum unit of time. Unlike the Foam, the SCIET creates a “foot print” in SpaceTime in the form of a reduction of its own existence toward its own center.

The SCIET can be considered a record of the space from which it formed, a sort of Event Horizon Pixel that accumulates to create in composite a vision of where it has been. The original creation Event is a SCIET that defined the space within which it began and reduced itself until it reached the limits of its defined substrate.

What is SpaceTime?

Spacetime sits like a cloud of definition in a sea of potential, floating dependently while providing a basis for effects that require both for their existence. The cloud of definition allows time, before and after, while also enabling a dynamic, highly energetic environment for the evolution of matter, life and consciousness.

In order for the SCIET to exist, the nature of the Void must be crystalline, making it react to intersecting lines of change by forming a new point, which must also be a SCIET.

The SCIET, the new model is a mathematical atom underlying everything within the creation. It is holographic, providing a means to define SpaceTime, giving a unique identity to all locations within it and establishes a baseline for energetic events within it. As such it represents the basis for the evolution of complex forms from an initial structure like a seed or egg.

The SCIET is always the result of any change in relationship between two points in SpaceTime. This means that the ability of life to adjust to its movements through space stimulates the creation of SCIETs toward the center of the moving living being. What is being said here is that all incoming information to the nervous system is in the form of the SCIET, which is best understood in current perception as a stream of Event Horizon Pixels being processed by the nervous system and brain.

SCIET Resonance and the Formation Spheres

Here we need to move on to the discussion of what happens when two SCIETs resonate with one another.

The ephemeral nature of the SCIET, composed of Event Horizon Pixels, reacts to other SCIETs that match its values.

Returning to the idea of reduction to the center, the intersection of two SCIETs becomes a midpoint, returning a value toward the center of each SCIET. The calculation to find this common denominator value is well known, for it is understood from deep antiquity as the means to determine a shared value created from two that share only their original value in common. It is the same as that used for the Pythagorean Theorem. The square root of A squared plus B squared.

From the midpoint of the intersection of two SCIETs a continuous stream of values is sent toward the center of each.

Addressing the idea of point and line must find a beginning for either of them to exist, and this is where

As described above, the current physical models use the effects of matter to create their mathematics, but these models test qualities that move through space, and it is the capability of Spacetime illustrated by those models that we can use to propose how the nervous system and brain interact with the mind and create consciousness.

The most important idea commonly understood is that matter deflects spacetime, warps it to cause light to bend as it moves toward and past it. It is assumed that this quality is basic to matter in SpaceTime, even at the subatomic level. A general concept taken from this is that matter possesses a quality that affects the SpaceTime around it like a spherical field effect much like gravity is described as being directly proportional to the distance from the center of a mass. The behavior of electro-magnetism as it moves through SpaceTime is also important to understanding what can exist in Spacetime before matter.  The corkscrew motion of electromagnetic waves needs to be explained in this context, why it occurs and what it has to do with the deflection of Spacetime by matter.

At this point the existence of the “Luminiferous Aether” rises like a specter from the earliest theoretical discussions of Einstein and his generation.

Einstein built his Special Relativity using a model of SpaceTime that did not refer to the Aether, and the model of mind and consciousness here does not need the Aether either.

Finding a way to define what can exist before matter, between the void and matter, is the key to understanding the nervous system and how is has evolved.

Using only lines and points we can measure and define a layer of field effects created from an expression of energy into the Void. This expression must be linear in origin, but holistic in its effects. All the assumptions related to its existence need to rely on the First Action.

The key to understanding this is SpaceTime.

The new physics needed to simulate the experience of the mind must define SpaceTime and how it leads to matter. Before matter and after the creation of SpaceTime is where the mystery of nervous system and consciousness will be found.

A new concept of modeling the formation of matter from the void holds the key to understanding the existence of the Soul. The “key” concept is used to explain how “holes-in-space” can resonate with one another. The original question and hypothesis began with the question “what is the structure of energy” basically asking the question “how does light stand still?”

The process of answering this question culminated with the idea of a new model of the “point”, one which would be able to describe any defined space from a universe to an electron or quanta of energy. Beginning with the ability to model the universe forced the larger question of how something could be created in a condition like the Void as described in existing physical models.

The Void within these models is without form or description, an emptiness without any possible measure, so how do you create something from nothing?

Well. obviously, you invoke the power of GOD! So I did just that. In this case its actually about invoking the common experience of meditation, a practice in which we are told to “go inward” and be in the silence of our internal reality. If you take tis idea into its logical extreme, then you can imagine that a great being, a sort of super meditator could go so deep that a state could be reached where no other being had ever ventured or entered.  It would be a state of mind without limitations except what the meditator defined. If you can imagine this situation then we can go to the next step.

The meditator would be at the center of their own potential universe, but within a larger reality of being already in existence.  So the meditator reaches this state and realizes it, only to ask “where I am I?” or to observe that this is a new space and that the meditator being is within it, at the center of it. Now the question of where am I is one of observation and this would require the meditator being to inquire of the new space about its conditions. So how would this happen? If we assume the meditator being possesses attention and focus then the question would have these qualities as well, so its search would begin with an outreach of curiosity, a probing beam of attention. In doing this the meditator being would bring the energy of its larger existence into this much more limited space, and this energy would be forced to contain itself in this limited realm.

So this sets the stage for a concept of God existing in the Awareness of being that is found within meditation. What is created by the inquiry is an energetic difference from the emptiness that existed when the meditator being arrived in the state. Now the question moves to “what happens when the energy of a larger existence enters the limited space of the meditators internal reality”.

To approach this question it is necessary to assume that the internal condition is the same as the Void of astrophysics, without form or reference at all. The only reference is the meditator bing at the center of its own field of internal awareness.

The SCIET and its first offspring the resonant SCIET Sphere, are a theoretical answer to the above questions. They are the product of reverse engineering nature over a period of more than twenty years using a vision inspired tool to sort all available data encountered in a constant search for the answer to these problems.

The SCIET is a product of the limitations of what could exist as the first thing in a limitless awareness, one that could be built up from the simplest possible variables. The energetic line of focus is where it begins and everything develops from that. The math to do this began simply from the observation the first two geometrical qualities had to be the point and the line, and so everything needed to emerge from these two. Since the point is essentially unapproachable, lines had to be used to describe where the point was located rather than the point itself. So the SCIET describes the space around a point, and provides a way to approach the point in ever smaller increments until it reaches the original Awareness where it began and still resides. Regardless of what measure you choose to define the line the last fractional increment can be the beginning of a new system, until the measure reaches its original starting size.

The practical use of this system is to establish a means to measure the change in position of any two points in relationship to their original positions.

Think of it this way: What happens when two points move relative to one another? Describe that change as an ongoing effect recorded within each of the two points.

So what is the Soul? The above describes the Awareness, an awareness originating from within the mind of a being who may be just like us, someone with a mind who decides to go within as deeply as possible and when there projects an intention that become the Universe we know.

The SCIET is a way to describe how external information is internalized, in fact it suggests a way and means for ALL information experienced to be internalized back to the original Awareness from which the Universe originated. As illustrated above all beings have at their center a connection to the original Awareness, a unique point at the center that connects them to the Source of Awareness that began the Universe.

The Soul is not the same as the Awareness though. The Soul has the Awareness at its center, and all of the experiences of a living being are contained by the Soul with the Awareness able to “be” anywhere within that  container of experiences.

So the Soul is a tool for the Awareness to gather and process experiences in order to grow the Awareness of the Universe.

Clearly the Soul exists as a result of the Creation of the Universe, and uses the same processes to exist as does the rest of the Creation, SpaceTime, Matter and consciousness are based on the same tool set used at the very beginning of the creation. A tool set that was fully existent before Matter appeared in SpaceTime.

Whoever truly examines what it means to “be” is soon forced to descend into the Awareness and ignore the stream of information that surrounds the material existence, focusing only on the Awareness. Just like the original Meditator that I described at the beginning of the article.

The SCIET answers the question of what the Soul is, and it answers what the tool is that allows the Awareness to accumulate memories of its experiences during its existence within this Universe.

The very same tool used to create matter or atoms, is used to create memories, in fact our brains are modeled to use this process to store memories and stream them toward the original Awareness at the center of our being.

The Soul is the product of the same process that converts the resonance between two Points of Awareness into a stream of information back the center of Awareness in each resonant point.

The key to understanding this is to see that when a stream of values approach the center, all of the energy they possess cannot go into a smaller state and the majority of it must remain within the value range that originated it. What is being said here is that incoming information is converted into an orbital condition around the center, basically forming a spherical impression of the incoming information.

The Awareness exists inside of a streaming image of what it is resonating with, a constantly changing version of what is surrounding it, laid down in multilayered tracks after bouncing off the center and going into orbit around the Awareness.

This is what happens when two points of awareness resonate, they create a synthesis of their experience and it is returned to each of them in a continuous stream. An atom has a limited range of experience and so lays down layer after layer of memories about where it is in relation to all other points of awareness around it.

A living being does the same thing, but in a more complex fashion. The Human Soul is created at the center of the living being’s complex of energy fields, a multidimensional creation containing the complete memory of the beings moment by moment experiences throughout the life it has lived, and it continues to record new experiences after it departs the body, but from a different set of resonant sources.

You are an Awareness at the center of your accumulated experiences, which are recorded holographically with you at the center, you have the ability to shift your point of reference within this sphere of memories and even resonate with external points of Awareness with whom you can match frequencies.

The Soul, then, is best understood as a Sphere of Memory with your Awareness at its center.

Recall what you have heard about Orbs of Light, translucent spheres that seem to float freely around some places and/or people. These spheres are vehicles of consciousness, sometime, but not always, aware of the presence of the living and their thoughts. After all, inside of each living being is a similar Orb storing all your experiences, and with the Awareness looking out from behind your eyes.

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Is There Proof of a Spiritual Universe? – Eben Alexander offering proof of our soul from medical studies of Near Death Experiences. In many of these studies, blind people can see and some see for long after.  The first book about my NDE, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife (2012), hit a resounding chord with readers around the world, and yet I felt that the title prevented some in the scientific community from reading the book. Those who have read it realize that it is a commentary on the nature of the mind-brain relationship, and especially of the fundamental nature of consciousness itself. While my story certainly supports the reality of an afterlife, the book is far from being just a discourse on “heaven.”

Can Science Prove Souls Exist? | Futurism    There is a soul. Ironically, it was the skeptical world of science that has helped prove the theological doctrine of the spiritual world. The moment of astral disembodiment in which the energy of the soul leaves the body has been captured by legendary Russian scientist, Konstantin Korotkov. A bio-electrographic camera was utilized to photograph an individual at the exact time of death. Using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography shows the life force of the person leaving the body gradually.  According to Korotkov, the navel, and the head, are the parts of the body to first lose their life force, or rather, their soul. The groin and the heart are the last two areas of the body where the spirit resides before finally heading on to the great unknown. Korotkov has speculated that “the soul” of those who suffer a violent and unexpected death, may manifest itself in a state of confusion in your power settings and return to the body in the days post death. Although this is a frightening notion, the surplus of unused energy must find a home before it can gradually enter the energy fields that surround us. Korotkov says that this energy imaging technique could be used to watch all kinds of imbalances biophysical and diagnose in real time and also to show if a person does have psychic powers or is a fraud. The SyFy channel show, Ghost Hunters, employs similar equipment for determining the validity of paranormal activity.

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